About this website

Makeup-FX as a company started 1989 and has been online on WWW since 1994.
Back then internet was incredibly slow (I was on a 14.4 Kb modem compared to the 200 Mbit fiber I have today) and browsers were on beta version 1.
Those first web pages were written in notepad in raw html.
My first pictures were black and white, very small and scanned with a handheld scanner.
To balance the lack of colour on the pictures I used some horrible light green marble background and some stolen midi music in the background.
A lot of things have changed since then! At least I hope so!

If you want to take a look down memory lane you can do so from 1998.
Today I have a fast broadband connection to do my updates over and on my website you can find more than 300 pages of text, 1800 pictures, 4 hours of free online videos and an hour of audio.
Everything goes digitally straight into the computer now and then out to you.
A grand total of more than 2 GB of information all for free just for you!

I have long resisted to use anything but pure html but finally gave in and bought a more advanced menu system and made a better gallery.
I guess I had to change with times too.
I made sure that you can reach everything even if you have an old browser though!

I still write and maintain the website myself so sometimes I don't have time to do the updates as often as I had wished.
For my returning visitors this is probably not a big surprise.
But I still don't want to hand it away to someone else.
It's fun to have a close contact with it and write all the stupid stuff that pops into my head.
We don't want it to become too serious, do we?

I love to hear from my readers and especially when someone has learned something from me.
I have during the years seen many fine examples on makeups that have been done by amateurs with no other guide than my pages to aid them.
It is really nice to see and hear about such things! Keep them coming!

All the best!