Stage blood


You will be surprised when I tell you how simple it is to make a very realistic stage and film blood.
Are you ready?
If not, you might miss it. It is incredibly easy.
Here we go!

98% Sorbitol (liquid)
2 % Red food colour (powder) E123/124

Don't use liquid food colour, it stains everything badly.
The powder still stains but not as badly.

0,5 % Sodium benzoate
This is a preservative. It can be found under many names in food shops.
It is used for jam and stuff.
I recommend this if you want to store it for more than 2 weeks.

Mix well!


If you have time let it stand for a few days to make sure that all the powder is dissolved.
But this stuff may stain your clothes and skin!!
Be careful!

If that is a problem then check out our flocking blood with no pigments in it!
It won't stain nearly anything!!

Gel blood info

This is also very simple.
Just take the blood you just made and mix it with a thickening agent until it gets as thick as you want it.
My favourite thickener is Cabosil which is a fumed silica.
It is also known under the name Aerosil.

You can find this in most boat making shops.
It is used for making polyester and epoxy thick for making a gel coat for the first layer of a boat.
Go and check in your local boat shop and they will probably be able to help you.

I use Cabosil for a lot of things. It thickens everything expect water! Use your imagination!

Well, how do you get it off??
It's not that hard if you know how to.
The best thing about this blood is that the sorbitol crystallizes if it's cold.
The crystals will wrap the colour pigments inside themselves..
This means that if you wash the skin or clothes in cold water it's less likely to stain.
I also always use shampoo instead of soap as the pH seems to help to get things off.
A cold machine-wash gets it off from most clothes. But no guarantees!! Try first before smearing that $2000 suit!!
All information on this page is for professional use only!
I will not be responsible for any ruined clothes or Grandma's that have been scared to death!
Read the disclaimer!If you find a good supplier please e-mail it to me and I will add it here for others to see.

As easy as this looks it may be harder to get the components for it.
I buy my food colour from the Swedish company Nordarom and I use their colour Purple red E124/123
It works great!

You might want to change the colour and in that case you can search the web for these colours.
E102 Yellow
E131 Brown
E123 Amaranth
E124 Ponceau

An American source for it is
An Australian source is The Melbourne Food Depot

Or why not ask your local bakery where they buy their food colour??

When it comes to the sorbitol I buy mine from another Swedish company called Univar and they can be found all over the globe.
Visit their website

An Australian source is The Melbourne Food Ingredient Depot

If you can't shop from these companies I am sure you can google your way to a local supplier for the materials.