Gelatin makeup

Torgny Sporsén in gelatin makeup.

 I use gelatin for a lot of different purposes.
I do prosthetic makeup's, fake body parts, blood simulations and a lot of other things with it.

You can buy it neatly packaged in a shop but I recommend making your own as it gets cheaper and you have full control over the material.

Gelatin base recipe:

450 gram Glycerine
, liquid
450 gram Sorbitol
, liquid
150-200 gram Gelatin powder
(A high quality gelatine is the best but the stuff you buy in a food shop is ok.
Quality is measured in a ”bloom” scale and 300 is great for this!)

Remember that gelatine is a natural product and can differ in quality so slight alterations in the recipe might be needed.
All the materials can be bought in most makeup effects shops.
Mix the liquids and one tablespoon of water in a plastic or glass bowl.

Put it into the microwave on full effect (800 W) for 4 minutes

All times stated here might need to be changed to suit your microwave.
It is warm enough when you can’t put your finger in it without burning it. Gelatin melts in a temperature around 70°C.

Remember that you should never let the gelatine boil but just melt it.
The fibres in the gelatin are destroyed if it boils.

Add the powder slowly while stirring fast.

Let the gelatin powder absorb the liquid and swell for five minutes.

Put it back in the microwave for two minutes.
Open and stir a few times during.
Remember that gelatin is not allowed to boil!

Take it out and let it cool for two minutes and stir it often during that time.

Repeat the four minute procedure (heat+cool) somewhere between seven or eight times.
This is needed to thoroughly melt the gelatin powder.

You can put a little drop on a cool surface and feel how it feels when it's cooled down.
If it is all done it is a very soft but still firm (sounds weird but that is how gelatin feels when it's good).

Let the mix cool for a while before pouring it down in a zip lock bag (a thick one).

Put it flat on the table to cool.

The gelatin can now be re-melted whenever you need to use it.

As you need to let the gelatin cool between the runs in the microwave, do two batches at the same time.
This saves you a lot of time.

Health and safety!

Gelatin is HOT! If you get it on your skin it will burn you until your skin comes off!
I always wear protective gloves, covered shoes, long trousers and protective glasses.
You can't play it too safe when working with dangerous materials.

All the information on this page is only to tell you how it's done.
Always consult a professional before trying out things that might be dangerous. 
I do not stand responsible for any injuries or damages made.