Hair styling

This section is devoted to the art of hair styling. This part of the makeup artists job is invaluable when it comes to changing someone.
It involves everything from cutting hair, colouring it, dressing it in modern styles and in classical styles.
When doing theatre work you often use wigs as it is faster than fixing an actors own hair but you can often use their own hair too if the hair style is simple.

In parts of the world the makeup artist would not do hair but only do the makeup.
In my opinion this is a bad practice as you can't guarantee that the hair stylist and hair dresser have the same idea about a character.
This of course makes it more difficult to do the perfect look.

Here in Scandinavia and the north of Europe, we makeup artists are trained to do both.

Regina Lund in The Blue Angel

Andrezej Glosniak in Sech Tänze

We use all the available modern techniques but an invaluable tool is the very old fashioned hair tongs that is heated in an oven.

I don't know how I would manage without this old tool. There is no other way to dress a facial hair piece or wig without them.
You can buy them from Fishbach+Miller in Germany that still manufacture them.

If you want to learn more about how to use them I suggest that you look at my "Step by step" guides where I am showing how I do it.
There are several different shapes of Marcel irons or tongs .
The round ones are for making curls or shaping hairlines.
The small pointy one is for dressing moustaches and beards and the little square one is for crimping or pleating the hair.

Tina Lenne In Mater Nexus

Modern hairstyles like the one on the left is fun to do but it doesn't compare with the true joy of making classical styles. When you do that you can really freak out and have fun.
Waves, curls and built up Rococo hairstyles like in Mozart's days.
I guess you thought classic styles was boring?