Makeup-FX Brushes

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Beauty Makeup brushes Kit 2.
16 brushes + bag

Powder: Pony Hair
Slope powder: Pony Hair
Ultra Full Face Brush: White Goat Hair
Contour: Pony Hair
Big Flat Powder: Pony Hair
Small Oblate Eye Shadow: Pony Hair
Fan highlighter: White Goat Hair
Big Oblate Eye Shadow: Pony Hair
Big Tapering Eye Shadow: Pony Hair
Bridge Brush: Pony Hair
Eyebrow / Two Use: Bristle
Lip brush: Pure Red Sable
Small Tapering Eye Shadow: Pony Hair
Fine Eyeliner: Pure Red Sable
Mascara Brush
Slope Eyebrow: Black Bristle

Black wooden handle
Packed in a black synthetic bag2

(Brushes not shown in order)

Character brushes (Lars own collection)
16 brushes + bag

#1  Pony hair
#2  White goat hair
#3  Sable
#4  Sable
#5  Sable
#6  Sable
#7  Sable
#8  Sable
#9  Sable
#10  Nylon silk
#11  Nylon silk
#12  Nylon silk
#13  Nylon sil
#14  Nylon silk
#15  Nylon silk  
#16  Nylon silk

Clear Yellow wood handle + Golden Aluminum ferrule
Packing in a black synthetic bag