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I was interviewed in the Swedish magazine Filter in 2017 when I was working on the corpse for the GothenburgOpera.

I ended up on the cover of the local newspaper in Torslanda in November 2019 after doing a day course in a culture house just before Halloween 

After doing a lecture for another culture house I was interviewed in their local paper on Tjörn, Sweden.

I wrote a couple of articles for this book by Gretchen Davis.
Great book get it!!
This is the GothenburgOpera magazine and they wrote about our creation of the body.

Makeup artist handbook 2d edition  by Gretchen Davis and Mindy Hall(2012)
For this book I wrote about 20 pages of mould
making instructions.
Buy it!! It is a great book!

It is now in third edition with even a bit more of my stuff!.

City and Guilds Beauty Therapy (2011)
For this teaching book I supplied about 10 makeup pictures and a lot of tips for them to include in the book.

My makeup was featured on the cover of a student guidance magazine in the US. (2007)

I was doing three lectures on "Les nouvelles esthetiques" congress in Romania 19-21 May 2006.
I was also featured in the magazine  

The front cover of the Romanian congress program.

I feel very proud to have been thanked by Makeup artist magazine together with the finest makeup artists in the world for having contributed to their 10 year history. (2006)
Stage Directions magazine (USA) February 2006
Stage Directions magazine (USA) February 2006
Stage Directions magazine (USA) February 2006

Hungarian fashion mag Szépvilág (Beautiful world)
January 2006

Hungarian fashion mag Szépvilág (Beautiful world)
January 2006

MakeUp Artist Magazine #57 (USA)
November 2005

Persian language interview.
My NE-FX interview translated and published in the Persian newspaper Ayne in Iran
August 2005

Translation by
Marjan Miri Lavassani

Gothenburg Post

Skaraborgsläns Allehanda

Skaraborgsläns Allehanda

Skaraborgsläns Allehanda
boras tidning 0 mini.jpg (21061 bytes)boras tidning1 mini.jpg (21385 bytes)
Article from Borås Tidning
aftonbladet1 mini.jpg (21346 bytes)
Article from Aftonbladet

expressen1 mini.jpg (11578 bytes)
Article from Expressen

GP 1 mini.jpg (19836 bytes)
Article from Göteborgs Posten

bognor_small.jpg (19621 bytes)
Article from Bognor Regis Guardian

Review from Total Film

An article from "Explore,  Students book 1"
by Ben Wetz, Oxford University press 2000.

A clip from Kryolans newletter 2001

Article from Borås tidning

An article from the Italian magazine "Video Digitale Facile" June 2004

I have not been able to read it so if you can read italian please e-mail me and tell me what it is about!

They missed to say which pictures that are mine but it is no 1&3 on the cover, the green man on page 3, the step by step guide and application picture on page 4 and the monkey mask and werewolf pictures on the last page.
Below you can see an article about special makeup effects from X-zone
Published 2004 by Laguna Bay publishing under the McGraw-Hill imprint in USA and under Scholastic imprint in Canada, New Zealand and Australia.
The text by Geoff Patton is not specifically about me but about the profession in general.
It's aimed for school children trying to find the best job in the world ;)
And we all know what that is don't we??


See this page for TV interviews


Interview from
Swedish Radio P1
(c) SR

Interview from
Swedish Radio P4
(c) SR

Interview from
Swedish R
adio P4
(c) SR


Internet did an interview with me 2006-07-05

NE-FX did an interview with me that I have put up a copy for you to read here too.

Web article

Awards and nominations

2018 I was proud to be nominated for the Finnish film award Jussi for my work in "Tom of Finland" together with Johanna Eliasson.

In the spring of 2005 I received the Monica Zacharias memorial award. Monica was a makeup artist and head wigmaker on the opera in Stockholm before her early passing away 1984.

I feel very honoured to have received her award and proud to follow in a line of great makeup artists who have gotten this award prior to me.
Picture from the Theatre unions newpaper. has been selected as one of the best educational resources on the Web by StudySphere.

1997-06 the TV show "The net" on Channel 5 talked about my pages in very positive words.


I was awarded with
"Web page of the week" award on 1997

Review in issue. 3-97
Review in issue. 4-97
Both times I was on the
"Best right now" list

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