Professional Santa Claus Beard and Wigs


We are proud to have helped professional Santa's from all over the world with their beards and hair!
In the past we have answered many, many e-mails about how much it costs so now finally I sat down and made a shop  to make it easier.

See the list below for the different Santa kits we offer for direct purchase.
Please read at the bottom of the page for product descriptions.

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Description of our products and other options.

Our beards are hand knotted with the same buffalo hair as our wigs on a very thin nylon lace that is quite invisible when you put it against the skin. Of course it can be seen if you look very closely because it is a material there but still very nice!
We sell beards in 20 cm and 40 cm lengths. Our latest deluxe model is 60 cm long and extra thick at the bottom but still realistically thin at the top.
For those of you who work in inches the measurements are 8”, 16” and 24”.
We also have a 20 cm / 8” goatee version of the beard. This need to be ordered using the order form.

Our moustaches are knotted in the same way as the beards.
We always recommend to get at least one extra moustache.
This is the thing that will take the most damage and if you are doing a full day’s work you will most likely need to change to a fresh moustache after lunch.
Since it is very popular to have the “handlebar” style the moustaches also need a lot of care and styling. This unfortunately also takes time of the life span of the moustache since you will need to clean and restyle it very often.
Luckily the moustache is the cheapest part of the Santa kit!

I think we can all agree that normal eyebrows that have been painted white don’t look very good?? I hope I didn’t offend anyone now but it always looks very fake and when someone has bought a great beard and wig and the eyebrows are shiny blue/white I get a bit sad..
Our eyebrows are made on a thin lace as are all our other pieces but since these are very small they become very fragile when used many times.
Sometimes it can be worth your time to buy some extra weft and cut some hairs from that and glue those individually onto your own eyebrows.
Just apply some Pros aide glue to your eyebrows and let it dry. Then take a few 1 cm long hairs from the weft and put those neatly into the glue. Shape them and fix them with some hair spray. Works all the time! But I am of course more than happy to sell you lace eyebrows too if you want them!

Standard wig:
The wig is knotted by hand a few hairs at a time using Buffalo and Yak hair.
The reason for the Buffalo hair is that human hair is much weaker and is impossible to get as white The front hair line is a standard fit but this does not fit everyone.
If you are intending to show the hair line you should look at the custom wig option.
Our wigs are available in sizes 56 cm to 62 cm.
For those of you who work in inches the measurements are 22.5” to 25”
This is measured around the head in an angle from the hair line to the back of the neck.
Not straight across like a hat measurement. If you do it this way your wig will be too small!

Custom wig:
This is a standard wig where the front part of the wig has been knotted to fit your head perfectly after you send us a plastic copy of your hairline.
It costs more but if you need to be seen without your hat you might have to do one of these :(
But if you are not sure you can always make a plastic form and send to me and I can test if you need it or not.
Please note that all custom made wigs have a minimum of 6-10 weeks delivery.

A cheaper way than a wig to get your Santa to have hair but often a very good way.
Weft is basically hair on a string which you can either sew into your hat or sew Velcro to it and attach that into your hat before putting it on. The second version is to prefer since you can then wash your hat!! Weft doesn’t like to go in the washing machine!
The bad thing about weft is of course that you can never take your hat off and your own hair might be seen under the weft.
The good thing apart from the price is that it doesn’t get as warm as a wig.
Please note that we do not offer the sewing service as standard. If you want help with it contect us for a price.

We offer the option to have the hair pieces styled or un-styled when you order them using the order form.

We recommend that you order them styled the first time and then hopefully learn to maintain them yourself.
On our website we have a number of pages and videos showing how we clean, style and care for our products.
And if you are a professional Santa you will need to learn how to care for your beard and other hair products because you will not have time to send them back to us between every time you use them.
Sorry for being honest but a badly kept beard is not fun!
We sell high quality products and they also need high quality care!

But of course if you need the help in the future we do also provide cleaning and styling services at an hourly rate.

Glue and double adhesive tape
We are sadly not able to sell any glue because they are flammable and the post will not allow any flammable materials to be shipped normally.
But we are more than happy to recommend other places close to you that sell good glue.
But we are selling a lot of different great quality double adhesive tape.
Please check out this page:
Double adhesive tape

Taking care of your new beard and wigs
Please check out our instructional videos and tutorials here: Wig and beard care step by step

Our web shop has now moved to it's own server and we keep these pages to provide extra information about our products.
So please click below to visit our shop!