Custom made Tattoo transfers


The tattoo sample kit is sold with the main purpose to help you make the decision to have your custom tattoos made by!
We have over the last number of years made thousands of tattoos for over 10 feature films and many, many theater plays.

But before deciding on using our tattoos, most people always want to test the quality first and see if they will work for you.
So now we have made a sample kit that you can buy and test out first.

The tattoo sample kit contains around 25 tattoo transfers of mixed sizes and patterns as you can see below.

The tattoos have all been digitally cut to avoid un-necessary excess material that will turn grey.

The tattoos are made with allergy tested materials but we strongly recommend that you make a small test first!

We always send a full written instruction how to make the best application and information on how to order your custom tattoos.

Our web shop has now moved to it's own server and we keep these pages to provide extra information about our products.
So please click below to visit our shop!