Terms of employment

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These terms have to be filled if Makeup Effects Lars Carlsson AB (Below called MFX) will work on your project.

Copies of these terms in a contract have to be signed by both parties.
In this contract a detailed description of the project and MFX's involvement must be stated.

If it is not enough time to sign a physical contract before the work needs to start then you need to sign the acceptance at the bottom of this page.

If employment is done by the hour the following prices apply:
All prices are in Swedish krona (SEK) excluding Swedish VAT

Hourly rate: 700 SEK.

Minimum charged time for work outside the MFX studio is 3 hours.

Travel time is charged as work.
When travel is made by car a fee of 3.50 SEK per kilometer is charged.
Trains, buses, taxi, boats or flights are charged at actual prices.
For flights over 4 hours an upgraded flight class with extra leg room is preferred.

After 8 hours of work (in one day), 50% of the hourly rate is added for overtime.
Work between 19.00 and 24.00 and on all weekends and holidays is compensated with an extra 100 SEK per hour.
Work between 24.00 and 07.00 is compensated with double hourly fee.

After working for 5 hours, a food break of at least 30 minutes must be arranged.

If work is done on other location than Gothenburg a minimum of 8 hours per day is charged.
If accommodation is not provided by the employer the cost of this will be added to the bill. 
Accommodation should be in private room with own toilet and shower.

Non-working days (not including weekends) for MFX outside Gothenburg are charged as work.

For work abroad a daily fee/ Per Diem for increased living expenses will be added based on the Swedish tax authorities recommendations.

If the project involves big expenses for MFX a minimum of 50% of the expected costs must be paid in advance before any work will start.

For long term projects monthly billing will be done.

All materials used will be sold at actual purchase price plus 10% to cover our costs to keep constant studio stocks.

Fixed prices?:
My experience has always been that a fixed price never works out fairly and I lose money.
The job always changes along the way and more things are added or many more design changes than expected happens.
So we work on running hours instead, according to the terms above.
If you still insist on getting a fixed price for the whole job I will calculate on a nightmare scenario and give you a quote on that.

Everything designed, manufactured or bought by MFX belongs to MFX until payment in full has been made.

If full payment has not been made within the expiry date of the bill a delay charge of 10% per started month will be added.
This also denies the customer the right to use anything manufactured by MFX until the invoice is paid in full.

The copyright on all design made by MFX and all manufactured items belongs to MFX and may only be used for the project stated in the contract.
If further use is wanted a new contract should be written for this even if it means no more physical work for MFX.

If you want to purchase the full copyright and the right for unlimited use a special contract should be written about this.
Anything manufactured by MFX must be returned to MFX at the customers expense after the contracted project for storage.

MFX owns the right to use any videos, pictures, moulds, documentation and copies of produced work for it's portfolio, show reel, advertising, other projects and reference use. 

No photos or designs will be shown on our website or social media until your project has been shown publicly unless other agreement has been made.

MFX and Lars Carlsson should always be given clear credit for all work done.
This means giving MFX on screen credit for film and TV and add to IMDB.
MFX should also be mentioned/tagged on all social media posts featuring our work.

For theatre work MFX should be mentioned in the program/brochure and in advertising.
MFX should also be mentioned/tagged on all social media posts featuring our work.

If you who sign these terms do not have the authority to guarantee that proper credit will be given, please get a written guarantee that will be be done from someone who have.

For other work where there is no obvious credit list (for example a medical model or an advert) then credit should be given on the official website and social media.

The prices mentioned above is for doing makeup and lab jobs only and are not applicable for when we are teaching or holding lectures. 
Prices for such things will be negotiated individually.

VAT and taxes:
On all prices mentioned above 25% VAT will be added for countries in the EU.

Exceptions will be made if a valid EU VAT registry number is provided. Then the VAT is 0%

Outside of the EU no VAT will be added on products.

VAT exception for work is ruled on a case to case basis according to Swedish Tax authorities recommendations.

Check today's exchange rates here: Oanda Currency Converter

The terms above is valid from 2020-01-01 and forward.

Below you can fill in and send us a confirmation that you have read and accept these terms.
Print this page and the e-mail you will receive for your own records.