Styling a beard

Before you read this tutorial I will honestly tell you that you shouldn't!
You should watch the video at the bottom of the page first instead. So much is about movement which can't be shown in text.
But I thought that not everyone hasn't broadband and I want to try to help as many as possible.

These are the tools of the trade.
They are called Marcel curling irons and moustache irons.
You can buy them new or find old ones at a local flea market. Most people wouldn't know what to do with them so they are usually very cheap.

This is the oven in which you heat the irons.

I keep the temperature at 250 °C or °480 °F.
This is a good temp where you will not burn the hair unless you forget the iron in there for a long time.

This is the basic grip you use to hold the irons.

First you nail the beard up on a poly foam head or something else that looks like a chin. I'm not fuzzy! 

Some more pins. The more you put in the less risk that the lace will tear.

Make sure that the hair is brushed and that it fits snugly on the head.

Spray a bit of water on the beard to remove left over hair spray and straighten it.

I usually spray a little bit of shine spray on it before I start. If you have a little grease on it, it will give of some smoke just before the hair is burnt. This gives you a warning that the iron is too hot.
Hey! good for you that you didn't follow my advice not to read this tutorial.
I am not saying that on the video!

Now it is time to start shaping the hair.
I always smell the iron before I start.
You will learn how a warm iron smells pretty quickly.
But before you learn, you will burn the tip of your nose. The sacrifices we do.....

This is where you really need to see the video.
Over the next seven pictures I am using the irons to shape the beard.

Sorry but you can't show in stills and text how it is done.

Quick jump to moustaches.
Pin it in a flat surface

Pin it gooood!

I use a thick hair wax on the moustache before I start to style it. The wax helps to shape the hair stronger and stay in place.

Hey. Watch the video below and these pictures will make more sense. It's all about movement.

When it's all done you just spray some hair spray on it to make it last.
If you know you will be out in rain you can spray it with some plastic spray instead.

Here is the final result.
Now you try!