Washing a wig

Washing a wig is nothing like it is to wash your own hair.
If you are doing it that way you don't have to even try.
Just throw your wig in the bin directly as it will be rubbish afterwards.
 I have heard the strangest stories about people putting wigs in the washer and dryer and have been surprised when the wig didn't come out looking beautiful.

A human hair wig made on lace is a delicate thing and needs to be treated with respect!
Follow these steps and I promise that you will be successful!

Take the pinned up wig on the wig block and put on a wig holder so it's leaning over the sink with no risk of falling.
A falling wig block is very heavy and can easily crack a sink or a foot for that matter.


Make sure that the hair is all brushed and there is no knots anywhere.


Start by letting water run through the hair until it is all soaked.
Don't ever touch the hair with your hands or brush unless I have told you so!


Make sure it is wet in the neck too.
The water should be fairly cool at this stage.


Take a mild shampoo and spread it in your hands. A small amount will be enough.


Gently just pat and stroke it onto the hair.
Don't rub it in!!!!
Once you rub a wig it is likely to be destroyed.


Using a brush you gently brush the shampoo in in long slow strokes.
Start at the tops and work your way up.


Let the shampoo work for about a minute.


Rinse the shampoo out using only the cool water stream and not your hands or brushes.
It will take a few minutes to get  all the shampoo out but be patient!
At the end of the rinsing I usually turn up the heat to quite high to open up the hairs.


Leave the wig to drip dry for a minute or so.


Normally I do not use at standard rinse but prefer to use Protina from Blond and Braun in Austria.
If you can't get the Protina you can use a normal rinse but don't expect the results to be as good.


I take two tablespoons of Protina in a jug and mix it with very hot water.
Stir it well.


I put another jug under the wig in the sink to collect the Protina mix. Then I just pour it over the wig several times.
If there is foam on the mix I try to take it away.


When I am done with this I gently brushed the hair making sure there is still no knots in it.


You leave the mix in the hair and do not rinse it out. Trust me it is doing magic to any hair!
Now I just take at towel and gently press the excess water out. Do not rub! Never ever!


Double-check so there is no knots with a wide toothed comb.


Now I just leave the wig to dry by itself.
Letting the wig dry slowly makes the knots become stronger.
If you would try to use a brush and hair dryer to quicken the drying process then the knots may come loose.

All done!
Now it's your turn to try!