Foam latex, step by step


Here you can see a couple of close ups on the foam pieces and you can see how thin the edges are.
Later when I glue the prosthetics on I use pros aide as my glue. I paint them with PAX (50% pros aide mixed with 50% acrylic colour). On top of it all I use Joe Blasco or Ben Nye makeup. As the edges are so thin to begin with I very rarely need any edge filler but if I do I use pros aide thickened with cabosil micro balloons (from a boat makers shop).

Here you can see me combing the wig. I have attached it to a wig block with small nails and a thin strip of leather to protect the thin front lace. It has been curled on rollers overnight to give it some shape and after that I have put some grease in the hair and dressed it.

Here you have the finished Dr. Miracle from "The tales of Hoffman"



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