Foam latex, step by step


Here I apply the PAX paint on the edge. Note that the actor wears his contact lenses from the beginning to avoid  messing up the makeup when we are done.
Powder and start to apply the grease paint.

Now the whole face is covered but as you can see it still looks dead so...
you will have to add some colour to break up the even surface and do a little makeup magic. Here I use "Light burnt orange" .

The finishing touches are done with "Death purple" and black water makeup.
The fake eyebrows are glued on with silicone adhesive. 
I use the silicone adhesive because it is much easier to remove from the hair pieces afterwards.
For film use a great glue is "Matte lace adhesive" from RCMA.

The wig is on and you can see that he is ready to perform!
Feeling baaad!

After the show I help the actor to remove the makeup.
During the show he has been sweating a lot and the piece is easy to remove. I brush on some Pro clean from Sherman labs and let it work for a while. All modern glues are hard to remove but Pro clean makes it quite easy. The oil makes the glue swell and become loose. The most important thing is not to lose your patience and start to tear the glue off, this can cause skin damage and we don't want that do we?
OK, that's it! Now it's your turn.

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