How to make false teeth


After answering hundreds of e-mails from people who wants me to make teeth for them I will write it very clear!
No. I am sorry can't help you to make teeth unless you can come and see me in Gothenburg, Sweden.
And Yes, Sweden is in the north of Europe!
 I need to see the person who is going to wear them at least twice for casting and fittings.
I do not make teeth on mail order no matter what you say or offer.
I can't guarantee that they will fit or hurt your teeth or gums without a proper fitting.
And since I don't want to hurt you I will not risk it!

It's also important to remind you that everything I have published on these pages is only an information about how it is done.
I take no responsibility for what that can happen during the process. Some materials are toxic and a fake pair of teeth can, if done incorrectly, result in lost teeth and real dental work may be damaged.
Always contact a professional dental technician before starting to experiment!

In some countries like in the UK it is illegal for someone who does not have a license to make any type of teeth even if they are only cosmetic. In other countries like Sweden and USA it is free for anyone to make them.
Be sure to check the laws before doing anything!!

The techniques shown here are quite old but should still be ok to use
At some point there will be an updated version.

tandgjut.JPG (8539 bytes)

Time to make some teeth. It is quite expensive to get started as a lot of the materials needed costs a lot. But when you have all the equipment needed you will have a wonderful tool in your makeup kit. To the left you can see a dental tray used for casting the teeth.
All I show on these pages can be bought at a dental supplier.
Start by testing a tray for size.

tandgjut2.JPG (10594 bytes)

tandgjut3.JPG (11196 bytes)

Here I am filling the tray with a thick mixture of alginate.
I never do as the dentists do and put in the tray  in when the patient is laying down. I don't like filling peoples throats with goo! I always let the patient put the tray in by themselves and ask them to lean forward and drool.

tandgjut4.JPG (10338 bytes)

tandgjut5.JPG (11876 bytes) A few minutes later the alginate is dry and it is time to remove the cast. Sometimes it may stick a bit but that is only a vacuum and if you wiggle it a bit it will come loose.
Here you can see the finished cast. If you don't intend to fill it with plaster at once submerge it into water so it won't shrink.tandgjut6.JPG (7282 bytes)
tandgjut7.JPG (10544 bytes) Now I have mixed a little Ultracal that I carefully pour down the mould.
Then I tap the mould against the table so the last air bubbles will come to the surface.
Now I let it set for about 45 minutes before I separate the moulds. tandgjut8.JPG (11246 bytes)
tandgjut9.JPG (11363 bytes) Then I fix the edges but am very careful not to damage the cast.
Voilá!  A finished cast of the clients teeth. Note the little muscle that normally is under the lip. It's important that you don't remove it as you can damage the muscle if you make a pair of teeth without making a slit for it.

tandgjut11.JPG (12355 bytes)


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