How to make false teeth


tandgjut30.JPG (11107 bytes) Now it's time to very carefully take the teeth off. This can be very hard but putting them in warm water will make the release agent to dissolve and help a bit.  Now things can get bad The teeth is at this point very fragile and if it breaks it will be hard to fix them. When the gums is finished they will be a lot more stable but not yet.
Yeah! It came of nicely but a couple of teeth on the cast broke off. But I will not need the broken parts any longer. If something that I would need had broken I would have to start all over.tandgjut31.JPG (9591 bytes)
tandgjut32.JPG (10782 bytes) Using a Dremel tool you cut down all unnecessary spill plastic.
Here you can see the finished teeth without the gums.tandgjut33.JPG (8354 bytes)
tandgjut34.JPG (12064 bytes) A lot of people who do this kind of work make a negative mould for the gums, just like for the teeth but I am lazy so I "drip" the gums. This is done by taking fluid and powder and form a gum right on top of the cast. I continue to do this until it has gotten as think as I want it.
Here I am grinding the finished plastic teeth.tandgjut35.JPG (10682 bytes)
tandgjut36.JPG (9258 bytes) Polish is a very important step in this quite long procedure. I normally polish with ordinary tooth paste what actually work very well.
Final touches! Here I paint a little dark brown between the teeth and make the gums a little more red with ordinary makeup colours. The grease paint sinks into the plastic and won't smear. tandgjut37.JPG (13812 bytes)
tandgjut38.JPG (7866 bytes) Look what a nice shine they have gotten by applying a thin coating of nail polish.
Now it's time to fit them on the actor (or as in this case, me). It's important that they don't hurt you anywhere or fits to hard on some places. This can cause damage to the actors teeth or gums and you will get sued for millions of dollars. You will have to grind them down to a perfect fit so they won't fall out or hurt your actor. This can be hard but take a little at a time and work slowly. tandgjut39.JPG (10565 bytes)
tandgjut40.JPG (17313 bytes) If you now have gotten past all the problems in this process you can now be ready to look just as silly as I do here.

Good luck!!!


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