Not a lot of pictures from this year that was one of the most important years in my life! I got a job at a real theatre! I have never looked back since. My first job on a theatre! I was living the dream! And doing so I lost 25 kilos in less than a year because I forgot to eat. I would need that skill these days.....
A foam latex head of Martin Berggren I did for my first proffesional theatre play, Richard III.
I spent sooo long on this headto get it as good as I could. But in the end it was decided that it was only seen wrapped up in a bloody cloth.... I guess at had…
I asked a surgeon what it would look like if a head was cut off. This is pre-blood.
I also got to do a foam latex arm prosthetic for Göran Rangnerstam.
Before digital photos you never knew how pictures would turn out...
It was supposed to look like he had some type of sickness.
I was also involved in the Kurt Olsson christmas television series. This was a test head I did for a puppet. It was never used though.
This year I also made my first hunchback prosthetic. This one was for Backa theatre in Gothenburg, Sweden.