Already the first year of my opera employment I took some time off to work at Angereds Theatre and had a lot of fun there.
Personal project
Personal project
Personal project
Something I made for fun by disolving styrofoam in acetone and then reshaping it.
Toxic shit!
Here I injected pro clean oil into a foam prosthetic and let it start swelling up before taking it off. Silly but fun!
The smallest wig I have ever done. Here it is on my niece Lina who is now over 20 years old. I am getting old....
WOrking on Lola Ewerlund in "Söndagspromenaden" on Angereds teater
More personal projects
Back to the resturant for more fun makeups
This was a photo project by Stefan Fallgren.The series was called "The second before"
Wax hands for the photo series in the previous picture
Lola Ewerlund in "Söndagspromenaden"
A cleft lip test makeup for Folkungasagan. It was never used.
A prisoner in Folkungasagan.