Lots of Norway and Finland this year. And sadly also some health issues. I was in stressing beteen jobs in Norway and Finland. Carried heavy bags... BOOM! Herniated disc in my neck.... Nearly 3 months of not being able to use my arms. I do not recommend it!
I was honoured to be nominated for the Finnish film award Jussi for the work me and Johanna Elisson did for Tom of Finland.
Here we are the nominees for Tom of Finland all dressed up. Where is my champagne??
From left to right:
Christian Olander (set design), Anna Vilppunen (costume…
Me and my wife Heather avoiding the red carpet.
It was a massive hall and lots of people and even more booze!
And they placed us at the very very front in the middle. So there was plenty of airtime filming Swedes who didn't understand a word of what was being said....
So Anna was the only one of us who got an award but we were all just as happy anyway!
Filled with expectations and nerves. Of course I had not prepared any speech since I didn't think a Swede would win. And I was right! Plenty of us were…
The look on our faces seconds before you don't win an award.
And the second someone else won it!
I was happy that Salla won since she is awesome and a good friend!
Big congrats to Salla for her third Jussi!
More Finland jobs!
This time age makeups for the film Olen Soumalainen (I am Finnish)
This was a quite unusual production for me since I never got to meet the actors before the test makeup.
I had help in Finland to make their casts and then I…
And it was soooo cold on the shoot. -15 degrees C.
I have never worked in temperatures like that before.
And all of a sudden a whole new range of problems…
Here is Matti as Kari Tapio on the first day of the shoot.
And my personal favourite shot of the makeup.
Wig front and moustache made by Robin Ekberg
Matti Ristinen without makeup
A clean plate of the makeup
He really loved this photo shoot even it was after a nearly 8 hour long shooting day.
For this day I had some a really difficult task.
The other day I did the makeup he could be clean shaved on his top lip and I had a nice thin moustache for…
From the shoot.
Tiina Lymi without her age makeup