This was a great year for me! A lot of fun work and interesting challenges. More years like this, please!!
The childrens play "Penguins can't bake cheesecake", directed by Lars Norén posed me with a whole lot of fun jobs.
I started doing some digital designs in Photoshop for the mole, chicken lady and for the penguins.
I like to start like this way to communicate my ideas with the director.
First test nose. It looks like a real moles nose but that was judged to look too much like a pig...
Four fingered mole silicone hands that caused the actor a lot of grief.
apperently having no thumb is not very plesant.
The hands on stage.
The first test makeup on my apprentice Robin.
On this test I had no eyes showing and Robin had to look out through the hair. I loved it but the director wanted…
The final makeup test on myself.
The final makeup on Lars-Magnus Larsson on stage.
Photo: Patrik Gunnar Helin
One of the biggest challenges was that the play was going to be performed more than 150 times and I would not be there. So everything needed to be maintained by…
This is my first digital design sketch for the penguins. This is not one of the actors that got the penguin parts.
Nothing of these test things made it to the stage. Sad, I liked them..
The penguins needed feet so I started with sculpting a foot in waterclay.
First penguin foot test on myself.
Julia Marko Nord is getting her feet fitted and is loving it!
There was quite a lot of dancing in the play.Being an actor is not just fun!
A very highly stylized sketch for the chicken.
And where we landed with a plastic beak and makeup.
Photo: Patrik Gunnar Helin
Lena B Nilsson as the chicken